Author: Bryan Willis

Texas Probate 101

This article provides a high level overview of probate in the State of Texas including the purpose of probate as well as probate versus non-probate assets.

What is a QDRO in divorce?

It is likely that you will hear the term “QDRO” discussed at some point in your divorce case. This article provides background information on what a QDRO is in divorce.

Here Is What You Need to Know If You Are Thinking About Divorce

If you found this page, then you are probably going through a very difficult time and contemplating divorce from your spouse. This article is designed to provide some basic information that you should consider when making the most difficult decision of your life. Be Sure Before You File For Divorce Divorce is a big decision. […]

Key Tax Issues In Divorce

It is critical to consider taxes when evaluating the terms property division terms of any divorce decree. This article discusses 4 common tax issues that arise in a divorce case. Built In Taxable Gains Let’s begin with a common tax issue affecting property division in a divorce. Some assets have a built in taxable gain. […]

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