Property Division

What is a QDRO in divorce?

It is likely that you will hear the term “QDRO” discussed at some point in your divorce case. This article provides background information on what a QDRO is in divorce.

What Is Separate Property in a Divorce?

This article provides a discussion of what property constitutes separate property in a Texas divorce case. Texas is a Community Property State In order to understand separate property, you need to start with understanding that Texas is a community property state. Any property, other than separate property, acquired by the spouses during marriage is community […]

Get All The Property That You Are Entitled To In Your Divorce

Almost all marriages will involve a division of property. This often leads clients to ask, how can they make sure that they get all of the property that they are entitled to in the divorce? This article explains how we make sure clients get all of the property they deserve in a Texas divorce. Only […]

What Is A Just and Right Division of Property In Divorce?

This article provides an overview of the general rule for dividing property in a Texas divorce as well as a discussion of the factors that a court will consider when deciding how to divide property. The General Rule For Property Division In Divorce The legal standard for property division in a Texas divorce is a […]

10 Financial Mistakes To Avoid In A Divorce

Divorce is hard. You have a lot of emotion. You must make hard decisions quickly. At other times you feel like progress is slow and you are happy to do anything. This leads to situations that are ripe for poor decision making. Some of those decisions may have a big impact on your financial wellbeing […]

Can I Divide My Retirement Account In A Divorce Without Paying Taxes?

Yes, you can divide your retirement account in a divorce without paying taxes if you structure the transaction properly at the time of division regardless of the type of account. The process for a tax free division in a divorce depends on the type of retirement account that you are dividing. But first, let’s discuss […]

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